Top 5 TikTok Alternatives [ Updated ]

TikTok-the application that rose to progress with its unique video making abilities and a wide cluster of video classifications. The application has a gigantic local area with individuals gaining fame just by uploading recordings. Be that as it may, one can without much of a stretch get bore of a similar repetitiveness. To break this fatigue, here are the Top 5 TikTok alternatives that you can attempt.

Here is top 5 TikTok alternatives-

  1. First of all, go to google play store and open google play store.Search for likee app and download likee app on your device.Open the likee app. There are lot of feature, song and videos as this is also most popular app in world.
  2. The second one is dubsmash app. You can find dubsmash in google playstore and download it. Please create an account on dubsmash by entering your email address and phone number and click sign up.
  3. Vigo video is another alternative to TicTok. You will find it in google playstore then download and click start now.
  4. Then there is cheez app. Also, can be found in google playstore. Just download and open the app. This is not as popular as the other three app but it is still worth checking out.
  5. The fifth app is vidstatus app. This can also be found in google playstore. Just download and open the app. This Is most popular app in social media right now as this is a replica of TikTok.


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