How to upload new video on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where dreams come true for many aspiring video creators. It is a platform to share your innovative and creative videos for the world to watch and you earn from them watching your videos. It is a very successful career choice if you can become famous. Many people today are taking YouTube very seriously and trying to get famous while others are there to follow their favorite influencers and watch funny cat videos. That aside everyone does not know how they can upload a new video on YouTube. That’s why today I am here to tell you how you can upload new video on YouTube.

Here is how to upload a new video on YouTube-

  1. Go to YouTube, click the camera with a plus sign looking icon which is on the top right side of your screen.
  2. Click upload video and click select file and chose the video you want to upload.
  3. Type your video titles, description, tags, etc. however you want.
  4. Upload your thumbnail and chose your playlist and audience.
  5. Click next if you want to put the end screen or card in your video then select the options how you want to do it, don’t select if you don’t want to put those.
  6. Click next and select your privacy and click save.


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you are having any trouble then you can watch our video tutorial for a much-detailed explanation.


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