How to turn off notifications on android 🔥ANY APPS🔥

One of the fundamental qualities of the Android platform has consistently been the notification system. Unfortunately, some application developers misuse it to spam you with limited-time messages, temptations to start up their application, and regular futile updates. The conspicuous answer is to uninstall the offending programming, yet imagine a scenario where it’s an application or a game that you appreciate using. There should be another way, isn’t that so? How about we discover. With each new form of Android, Google has changed the manner in which clients can communicate with warnings. While a few settings are just accessible on explicit makers, the guidelines we show should be possible on any gadget running Android.

Here is how to turn off notification on android-

  1. Go on “setting” from your phone and tap on “notifications”
  2. You will see three options, to stop lock screen notifications tap on “lock screen”
  3. Turn off “open notification shade on lock screen”
  4. Tap on “format” and select “don’t show lock screen notifications”
  5. Tap on “floating”  and turn off the application you don’t want notifications from
  6. Tap on ”badges”  and turn off the application you don’t want notifications from


Method 2-

  1. Go to “setting” from your phone tap on “apps” and go to the manage apps option
  2. Select the app you don’t want notifications from and tap on it
  3. Tap the “notification” option and turn off the “show notifications” option



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