How to turn off autoplay on facebook 🔥

You’re looking through Facebook in a waiting area, at the library, or at work when a video present begins on play rather uproariously. This could be humiliating and perhaps problematic. Figure out how to kill auto-play on Facebook so this never happens again. You’ve most likely been found napping by recordings that play consequently on Facebook, Twitter, or right across the web by and large. They start playing when you load a page or when you begin looking through a page.

automatic video play is a feature that, while ideal to have when it’s surfacing content that is identified with your interests, can be really irritating. Autoplay recordings can be hurtful, as well, exposing you to fierce, hostile, or in any case undesirable substance that you shouldn’t need to see as a matter of course.

Regardless of whether you simply need to stop autoplay recordings via social media platforms or are searching for a more comprehensive fix, we have a few hints. Remember that you’ll have to change these settings for each gadget that you use, since your preferences son, say, your phone doesn’t naturally push to your PC.


Here is how to turn off autoplay on Facebook-

  1. Go to your Facebook app and tap the three straight line icon on the corner
  2. Tap “setting and privacy” option and tap “settings”
  3. Tap “media and contacts” and tap “autoplay” and select “never autoplays video”




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