How to Submit Your Website to Google 2021

So, you’ve built up an astounding site. You’ve assembled some genuinely important content, iterated on the plan, and accumulated a huge load of criticism. Now, you’re at long last feeling prepared to share it to the world.

Also, when you distribute your new site for the world to see, the entirety of your content will immediately be appearing in Google, correct?

All things considered, possibly. It takes somewhat more than simply hitting the distribute button. To get your site recorded on query items, Google needs to “crawl” and “index” your content. This happens consequently over times of days or weeks, yet in case you’re a site proprietor, you can physically present your site to Google and quicken this interaction.

Here is how to submit your website to google-

  1. Go to plugins and install “yoast SEO plugin”
  2. Search “webmaster tool” on google and enter the search console site
  3. Click “add property” and paste your websites link to the “URL prefix” section and click “continue” and download the file
  4. Go to cPanel “file manager” and click ”public HTML”
  5. Click “upload” and select the file you downloaded earlier and verify your ownership
  6. Click “property”
  7. Go to SEO section and click “features”
  8. Click the question mark icon of “XML sitemaps” then click “see the XML sitemaps”
  9. Copy the sitemap and submit it to google console’s sitemap section
  10. If not working delete and submit again



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