How to sign out from twitter

Twitter is a big platform that is filled with information and entertainment of many varieties. It’s a place where people come to share their thoughts with the world. Almost everyone in the world today uses Twitter and stays up to date on what’s happening around the world daily. Even though we all know how Twitter works, many new users might not know how Twitter works and its ins and outs. So today I have come to share with all of you how you can easily sign out from your Twitter account.

So let’s see how to sing out from Twitter

  1. Firstly, go to your Twitter app and open the app by clicking the Twitter icon.
  2. Click the home icon and go to your homepage.
  3. Here you will see a profile icon. Click on the profile icon.
  4. There you should see an option named “settings and privacy”. Click the settings and privacy option.
  5. Now you should see an option named “account”. Click the account option. By clicking this option, you should go to a page where your general information settings are.
  6. Finally, if you scroll down you should come across an option marked red called “logout”. By clicking this option, you can log out/sign out from twitter.

Were you able to sign out properly? I know Twitter can be a bit tricky sometimes. Don’t worry I have a video tutorial ready for you about how you can sign out from twitter on my YouTube channel. I hope this tutorial was of help to you.


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