How to save twitter gifs on android [ Updated ]

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today. As so everyday people share about their day, life and update their profile on what they are thinking. But that’s not all today Twitter has also become today a place to share memes and gifs. If you are not living under a rock you should find some of the funniest gifs on Twitter. What? You want to download that one gif but do not know how to do it. Don’t worry,

here is a simple way you can save twitter gifs on your android device-

  1. Firstly, open the twitter app.
  2. On the address bar search for gifs.
  3. Now after finding a gif that you like click the share icon.
  4. Then click on copy link to tweet. This will copy the link.
  5. After that download the vid mate app from google play store. Open the google play store and search for Vidmate and you should come across the app easily. We are going to use this app to save gifs from twitter.
  6. Open vidmate and paste the link you copied in the search bar. Now click go.
  7. Sign into twitter on vidmate. Signing in is important here as vidmate shows an error while downloading if you are not signed in.
  8. You should see a download icon on the bottom left. Click that download icon and your gif should be saved.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. For more tutorials check out my YouTube channel- 5 Minute Solutions.


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