How to install wordpress theme from zip [ Updated ]

Are you looking to install WordPress theme? There are a great many WordPress themes accessible. As a beginner, you might need to evaluate a couple of them on your site until you locate the correct one. In this present fledgling’s aide, we’ll share nitty gritty bit by bit directions on the best way to introduce a WordPress theme. We’ll cover three unique approaches to introduce a WordPress theme, so you can pick the strategy that turns out best for you.


Before you install a WordPress Theme

Introducing a WordPress theme is simple yet remember that on the off chance that you activate another theme, it will change how your site looks and capacities. On the off chance that you’re changing from a current theme, you might need to take a gander at our agenda of things you need to do prior to changing WordPress themes. WordPress is the most broadly utilized Substance The executives Framework on the planet for building self-facilitated sites. Odds are in case you’re not as of now, you’ve chosen to utilize WordPress for your own site. Yet, do you realize how to introduce a WordPress theme?

Here is how to install WordPress theme from zip-

  1. Go to “appearance” and then “themes”
  2. If you want to add new click “add new themes”
  3. Download Astra theme
  4. Press on “upload theme” then click “choose file”
  5. Select your theme and click “install now”
  6. After finishing installation click “activate”



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