How to hide or change country location on YouTube [ Updated ]

Unless you are living under a rock then you know what youtube is and what it has become in the past few years. Youtube is one of the world’s largest streaming platforms as of today. It is on the verge of replacing traditional cable television and become a mainstream video streaming platform. Youtube is preinstalled on every smartphone today. So there is almost no chance of anyone not knowing what this mega-company is. Youtube video creation is now a legitimate career choice in which you can earn stable money and rise to fame. Many influencers are creating their unique videos on youtube today and are bringing their fan base to the platform. Youtube has a country-based trending system so you can see what’s trending in what country by changing your location on youtube. Today I will tell you how to hide or change country location on youtube.

Here is how to hide or change country location on youtube-

  1. Go to your YouTube channel on the top right corner and click “your channel” and click on “about”
  2. Click on the “customize channel” button then click on the box right side of “location”
  3. Select the location you want or select none if you want to hide your location


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you are having any trouble then you can check out our video tutorial on how to hide or change country location on youtube,


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