How to get YouTube video ID [ Updated ]

Unless you were living under a rock then you should know the name youtube and what kind of a big company this is. Youtube is one of the largest video uploading and sharing site in the world. It has made many people rise to fame and become celebrity. Youtube has also become a way to earn a livelihood. Many aspiring video creators are coming to this platform in hopes to get fame and glory and rise to being a celebrity. People use youtube to stream their favorite videos and follow their favorite influencers or celebrities.

That being said if you are aspiring to become a youtube video creator then you need to know how youtube works. For that you need to know how to get your youtube video ID. That’s why I am showing you how you can get youtube video ID.

Here is how to get youtube video ID-

  1. Play the video you want your ID from
  2. Select the text after “v=” from the video link
  3. The selected text is your video ID
  4. In mobile version tap the share button and you’ll see a link
  5. Texts after the “” is the video ID


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you are having any trouble then you can check our video tutorial on this subject.


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