How to find youtube channel id [ Updated ]

Youtube being the world’s one of the most searched website it is common that everyone in the world would know how big of a company youtube is. It is a globally acknowledged video streaming site. Most people use youtube to stream their favorite videos or follow influencers or celebrities. Besides that, it has become a platform for people to grow an audience and gain fame and glory. From youtube many creative video creators have come forward and become successful. That’s why today many celebrities are using youtube to market their latest projects. That being said did you know your youtube channel has an ID? Today I will show you how you can find youtube channel ID.

Here is how to find youtube channel ID-

  1. The first method is you can click your youtube channel icon and go to settings.
  2. But the easier way is search on browser “” and press enter.
  3. This should bring you to account page and there is a view advanced settings option. Click that option.
  4. This should bring you to advanced settings page and you should see user ID and channel ID there. To copy just press copy or just select and press CTRL+C.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you and if you are having any trouble then you can check out our video tutorial for a much more detailed explanation.


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