How to find saved posts on Facebook [Mobile+PC]

Like most social media platforms, Facebook is a wonderful spot to find engaging and surprisingly educational content. However, once in a while you’re in a rush and you can’t peruse a long text post, or you may even be in a quiet spot without headphones, and can’t watch recordings with sound. That is actually where Saved Posts come in.


At whatever point you need to leave a Facebook post for some other time, without the dread of losing it to the timetable, you should simply click “Save Post” and it will be added to your Saved rundown.


Yet, where precisely would you be able to find those saved posts later? So today I have a tutorial for how to find saved posts on facebook.

Here is how to find saved posts on facebook-

For pc-

  1. Go to your browser and log in to your facebook
  2. Go to your home page and you will see a “saved” section on the left side of your screen click on that and you will see all your saved post


For mobile

  1. Open your facebook app and tap on the three straight line on the right side of your screen tap on that
  2. You will see a “saved” option there, tap on that and you will find all your saved post



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