How to download tiktok videos on pc [Using PC and Mobile Device]

After TikTok app being the biggest phenomenon and one of the largest social media video sharing platforms in the world many people are opening their own TikTok account. Many of us want to open and download TikTok videos on our PC but do not know how to do so. That’s why today I am here to tell you how you can download TikTok videos on pc in a few easy simple steps.

Here is how to download TikTok videos on PC-

  1. Firstly, open your chrome browser from your desktop.
  2. Then go to after opening the TikTok website you should see a login option on the top right corner.
  3. Login to your TikTok account and there you should see a lot of videos. There should be a watch now option. Click on the watch now option.
  4. To download a TikTok video you need to download the internet download manager on your PC. After downloading the internet download manager, you have to install the internet download manager.
  5. Now you can download TikTok videos easily by clicking download this video.
  6. This should prompt you by asking which folder you want to save the video. Select the destination of your download and press ok and the download will start.
  7. After downloading the video, you have to go to the destination folder and click on the video to play the downloaded video.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you but if are having some trouble you can look at our video tutorial in our YouTube channel.


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