How to create playlist on YouTube [updated]

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing and earning sight in the world. It has become a main income source for many people. It has created the rise of many influencers and celebrities. Today people see these youtubers not as creators but as celebrities. That being said many people are trying to get into this youtubing but they do not know how they can add hashtags to their YouTube video title. So today I will show you how you can create a playlist on YouTube that will gain views and might even make you the next YouTube star.

How to create playlist on YouTube-

  1. Go to your YouTube channel on the top right corner and click “your channel”
  2. Click on “playlist” then click “customize channel” button on the right side of your channel name
  3. Click on “new playlist” button and name your playlist and click “create”
  4. You can add description there, make sure it’s public
  5. Another way is to go to your YouTube studio and click “playlist” on the left side of your screen and then click “new playlist” button. Name it and click “create”
  6. Another way is to play one of your videos and click the icon which place right side of the share button then click “create new playlist”, name it and click “create”


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you but if you are still having trouble then you can check out our video tutorial explaining in more detail.


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