How to create a Facebook frame – 5 minute solution

Have you known about the Facebook Camera Effects platform and its Frame Studio feature? Presently you can plan a custom frame that overlays your Facebook Stories and you can impart it to your fans. In this article, you’ll find how to make Facebook Event edges and Location outlines for your business. Facebook outlines let clients add text and configuration overlays to the edges of their pictures, much the same as Snapchat’s channels. Individuals can use frames to express imagination, upgrade pictures, and in particular, show what they’ve been doing.

Here is how to create a Facebook frame-

  1. Go to photoshop and click “create new”
  2. Choose “pixel” option and type 180 in width and height box, make the resolution 72, RGB color should be 8 bit and keep the background white and click “create”
  3. Drag and drop the design you want and delete your background layer
  4. Click on “file” on the top left corner of your screen, click “export” and then click “quick export as PNG” and save it on your desktop
  5. Go to this link “ “and click “create a frame” and log in to your Facebook account
  6. After logging in click on “create a frame” again and click on “create a frame” again
  7. Upload or drag and drop your design then click on “next” and name your file click on “next “again and click “publish” and “done”
  8. If you want to use it now click on the frame name and copy the URL
  9. Paste your link in a new tab and click “use as profile picture”



5 Minute solution try to cover all basic things which very needful for your daily life like Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, Gmail, Extension, photoshop, Microsoft office include the word, excel, PowerPoint, etc

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