How to change tiktok username [Updated]

Usernames can be something that makes or breaks your brand. It is like the personality of your profile on the internet. TikTok is one of the largest video-sharing sites on the internet today. Because of that many influencers have risen from that platform. They all have their own unique username that represents their brand. So, if you are thinking of a unique username but do not know how to change username on TikTok then this tutorial is for you.

Here is how to change TikTok username-

  1. First, open your TikTok app.
  2. Now go to the theme option and click on edit profile.
  3. Here you should see the user name option. Click on the user name option.
  4. This should bring you to the username page. Here you should try writing the username that you want.
  5. If the user name is invalid that means someone else is using that username. So you have to think of another username.
  6. If you can not think of a username then you can use the suggestion username.
  7. Remember once you change your username you can not change it again for 30 days. So try to think of something unique and something that is meant to be your username for a long time before changing your username.
  8. Click Save. Now you have a new username on TikTok.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you are having any trouble then you can watch out the video tutorial for a visual experience.


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