How to change permalink in WordPress [ Updated ]

Probably the best thing about making a WordPress website is solidifying your online presence with a perpetual URL to your webpage. Regardless of whether you’re a blogger or an eCommerce client, your individual posts will have their own remarkable URL called a permalink.

A permalink is a thing that individuals will use to connect to your article or how you send a connection to your WordPress site in an email message. Permalinks are intended to be shared and utilized for quite a long time to come. With the Internet (and sites!) continually changing, figuring out how to make lasting connections back to your substance is absolutely critical. Consider WordPress permalinks as your lasting “address” on the Internet. A reasonable and enlightening location makes it simpler for clients and web indexes the same to discover their way to your substance.

Here is how to change permalink in WordPress-

  1. Go to your dashboard click “setting” then click “permalinks”
  2. There will be a lot of options but the most popular one is the “post name” option
  3. Choose your option and click “save changes”


WordPress is a rich featured stage that is not difficult to learn, yet requires time to dominate. Start here, however consistently be watching out for extra highlights, devices, tips, and deceives that will make your WordPress experience more effective.


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