How to change header background color in WordPress [ Updated ]

Pre-made WordPress themes make it simple to have an incredible looking site that accommodates your particular necessities. Be that as it may, the vast majority of us might want our site to look and feel in any event somewhat remarkable. Here are a couple of simple ways you can add your own touch to a WordPress topic, so your site is really your own.

Most topics support the utilization of a custom header picture. First you should check what the suggested size for the picture is. You can locate this in the administrator under Appearance → Header. At that point discover a picture you might want to use on your site; this works best if the picture you find is bigger than the suggested size. It is not difficult to downsize yet you lose quality in the event that you should scale up. Many individuals will add their logo to the header or other significant snippets of data. You can get imaginative and make the picture praise your subject.

Here is how to change header background color in WordPress-

  1. Click mouse right button ang go to “inspect”
  2. Click the square with mouse icon and select your header option
  3. Go to “style” section and copy the whole code section
  4. Go to “appearance” and then “customize”
  5. You will see “additional CSS” option. Click that and just paste the code
  6. Copy your favorite color code and paste it in the code
  7. Click “publish” and reload your website
  8. Another way is in Astra theme go to “header”
  9. Click “primary header” option then change color background
  10. Select any color and click “publish”



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