How To Change Facebook Page Name – 5 minute solution

You’re feeling very proud about your presence on Facebook. You’ve set up a page for your business, association, or group. You’ve promoted it sufficiently and even have a following. At that point you notice that you incorrectly spelled your page name. Or then again didn’t capitalize it appropriately. Or on the other hand it’s several months and you’re currently introducing your organization name diversely for brand purposes, like dropping the “LLC” or “Inc.”


Is there any way to change your Facebook page name? It wasn’t extremely quite a while in the past that Facebook confined any endeavor to change a Page’s name. Over the long run, however, they’ve loosened up their grasp, and in 2020 it’s simpler than ever.

Here is how to change facebook page name-

  1. Go to your browser and log in to your facebook account
  2. Click on the page you want to change the name of
  3. Click “edit page info” and type your new page name in the generan name box and click anywhere
  4. Click “request change”


You may run into issues on the off chance that you fit a couple of criteria. In case you’re not an administrator, you will not have the option to make the request. On the off chance that your page as of late changed its name, you need to stand by a short time before you can demand it once more. At last, your page may presently have limits put on it, for activities that make Facebook uncomfortable.


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