How to change country location on youtube [ Updated ]

Being in the era when everyone has a smartphone its is uncommon if you don’t know what youtube is. Youtube is a globally acknowledged video uploading and streaming platform. It is slowly replacing the traditional cable Television and becoming mainstream platform for entertainment. Most people on youtube stream their favorite videos or music or follow their favorite influencer or celebrities. There is another group of users on youtube who upload unique videos on their channel with the goal of gaining an audience and earn fame and glory.

It has also become a stable platform as a career choice. Many celebs today use youtube as an advertisement for their latest projects too. That being said if you are thinking about becoming a youtube video creator then you need to know how youtube works. Youtube has a location-based trending system. So, you can change your location and see whats trending on which country. That’s why today I will tell you how to change country location on youtube.

Here is how to change country location on youtube-

  1. Click your channel icon and go to the location
  2. Select the location of your choice
  3. For the mobile version click the channel icon and go to setting
  4. Tap on “account” then tap “location”
  5. Select the location of your choice


I hope this tutorial helped you but if you are having any trouble then you can easily check out our video tutorial for a better explanation.


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