How to Add Voice Effects on TikTok [Simple Guide]

By the internet’s beauty, we can without much of a stretch make TikTok Recordings and can add voice effects on TikTok, however the question is, what is a voice effect? In this way, the appropriate response is; A voice channel/effect is basically equivalent to a photo channel/effect that we’re totally acquainted with while using applications like Snapchat or Instagram and now TikTok.


Applying a voice channel on the TikTok application is something everyone by and by has the limits of doing.


In TikTok, we can add voice effects or rehashing sound effects to make video altogether continuously alluring for the customers. The sound capacities of the casual local area are different and contrasting. Likewise, you can add them to any video. You can add voice effects on TikTok by utilizing this basic bit by bit direct.

Here is how to add voice effects on TikTok-

  1. First of all go to your TikTok app and open you TikTok app.
  2. Press the plus icon on the bottom middle.
  3. Now record a video and click on the tic icon on the bottom right.
  4. After that you should see a voice effects option. Please click on that option.
  5. Then you will see lots of stickers that represent voice effects. Download the voice effect that you wish to hear and click on it.
  6. Voice effects will be added to your original video and everything you say on that video will be in that voice. That’s how you change your voice in TikTok.


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