How to add tube buddy on YouTube channel [ Updated ]

Unless you were in a coma for the past decade there is a high chance that you know what youtube is and how youtube has risen to the top of the streaming platforms. It is one of the biggest video streaming sites in the world. It has become a great career choice for great video creators. It has made many ordinary video creators into celebrities. Today multimillion-dollar companies use youtube to advertise their projects and raise hype. If you are aspiring to be a youtube video creator then it is highly suggested that you know all the little things that matter on youtube and that includes statistics. You should know what is working and what’s not. To see these stats you need a google extension called tube buddy that shows all the statistics of a video. That’s why today I will tell you how you can add tube buddy on your personal youtube channel.

Here is how to add tube buddy on youtube channel-

  1. Search tube buddy on your browser and go to their official website
  2. Click “install free now”
  3. Click “add to chrome” for the extension
  4. Click the extension and sign in to tube buddy with youtube

I hope this tutorial was useful to you on how you could add tube buddy on youtube but if you are having some trouble then you can see our video tutorial on how to add tube buddy on youtube channel.


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