How to add tags to your YouTube video [ Updated ]

As of today, youtube is one of the largest video streaming platforms in the world. Every day millions of videos are uploaded on youtube. People are hungry for that youtube fame. Every day more aspiring video creators upload their unique videos on youtube to gain success. That being said many video creators do not know how to add tags to their youtube videos. That’s why I will tell you how you can add tags to your youtube video.

Here is how to add tags to your youtube video-

  1. When you upload a video you’ll see a details section
  2. You’ll find “more option” below, click on that
  3. There you’ll find tags
  4. For tag ideas go to the tube buddy section and click on “keywords explorer”
  5. Type your caption in the box and tube buddy will suggest you the related keywords
  6. Copy those keywords and paste those in the tag section
  7. You can also search keywords on google
  8. After that click the “next” button
  9. For the already uploaded videos go to youtube studio then videos
  10. Click the edit icon and you’ll see the tags option there, you can add new tags there


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you are having any trouble then you can check out our video tutorial on our youtube channel.


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