How to Add GIFs on Tik Tok – tiktok gif meme [ Updated ]

Today we are going to talk about the new update on TikTok that lets you add Gifs to your videos. Gifs or graphics interchange format has become very popular when it comes to sharing memes. TikTok has added this format into their app and that has made the internet create hilarious new TikTok videos. That being said many people do not know about this new update and can not add GIFs to their TikTok videos. So today we will teach you how you can add GIFs to your TikTok videos.

Here is how to add GIFs on TikTok-

  1. First open TikTok app.
  2. Then create a video of your liking.
  3. After creating a video, you should see options filter, speed, flip, beautify and flash option but no GIF option. So how do you add GIFs? Click on the tick mark option.
  4. This should bring you to another page where you will see the sticker option. Click on the sticker option.
  5. You should see a search bar pop up now with search gif written. Search for the type of GIF you want and choose the GIF you want to add in your video.
  6. You can make the GIF bigger or smaller by zooming on or out.
  7. Click next and post the video. Now you have a TikTok video with GIFs.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you still have any trouble following the tutorial then you can check out our video tutorial for better help.


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