Hollow head photoshop – photo manipulation tutorial for beginners

Photoshop is an amazing software that brings out the artist in us. It is used to manipulate photos in many ways and create something that looks out of this world. In this tutorial I will show you that it is so easy to make a hollow head manipulation in Photoshop. This effect can be made for any pieces of the body like the arms, hands, fingers, eyes, and so on with the correct stock photographs you can without much of a stretch make staggering effects of broken body parts.

Here is how to hollow head photoshop-

  1. Open an image you want to edit in photoshop.
  2. Select Pen tool by clicking on the left toolbar or by pressing ‘P’ on the keyboard.
  3. Carefully draw an outline of the person in the image.
  4. Open a new document by pressing ‘ctrl + N’ or from top left corner ‘File>New’ and then select any resolution you like.
  5. Now press ‘ctrl+alt+Enter’ or ‘right-click>make selection’ to select the outlined portion and press enter.
  6. Then drag and drop the selected portion or the layer of the image (in this case only the person) on the previously created new empty document file.
  7. Now open the broken pot image like in the video.
  8. Using steps 5 and 6 again, drag and drop the broken pot portion to that person image tab.
  9. Now fit the broken pot on that person’s head where you want to make it hollow.
  10. Now using the ‘heal brush’ tool remove the unwanted portions of that pot and keep only the matching portion.
  11. Using the ‘brush tool’ darken the inner area of the broken part and use opacity until it looks good.
  12. Finally make a new layer for background and using the ‘gradient tool’ make a background color.
  13. Finally save the photo by pressing ‘ctrl+shift+S’ or ‘File>save as’ and choose your location then click ok.


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